WhatsApp is bringing tap to join Conference Call feature , find out what its benefits are | Jemon Blog
ঢাকাসোমবার - ১৩ জুন ২০২২
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WhatsApp is bringing tap to join Conference Call feature , find out what its benefits are

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জুন ১৩, ২০২২ ৪:৫৭ পূর্বাহ্ণ
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Instant messaging medium WhatsApp (WhatsApp), keeping pace with the times and popularity, is often bringing new Conference Call features to its platform. As a result, some changes are being observed in it every day. In keeping with that trend, a recent report says that the company, which owns Facebook, is working to improve the voice call option, which, if implemented, will see big changes for users. In that case, it is heard that a feature called ‘Tap to Join’ is coming to WhatsApp this time. Let us know the details about this. Get Point

How do I make a conference call?

At the moment, WhatsApp’s group voice calls are completed in the form of Conference Call in the presence of a certain number of members. In this case, special benefits will be available for joining this type of Conference Call through ‘Tap to Join’ feature. According to WABetaInfo, in the future, if users miss a Conference Call, they will have a new option to manually join that Conference Call . In other words, there will be a dramatic change in the rules for joining whatsapp Conference Call .

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How many people can connect on one call?

According to WABetaInfo, if this new feature is implemented, WhatsApp will notify users of existing Conference Call instead of showing missed calls. That notification will have a ‘tap to join’ text. If a user is unable to join the Conference Call first, they can also join the Conference Call by tapping the ‘Join Call’ button inside the group chat.

Not only that, WABetaInfo reports that the iOS version of WhatsApp will feature more advanced design and simplification options in the interface for Conference Call. It will look as interesting as the application EIT or Apple (Apple’s) FaceTime. As well as being heard, iOS users will also see a new ring button. Get Point