Now loans up to Rs 50 lakh will be available for industries like transport | Jemon Blog
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Now loans up to Rs 50 lakh will be available for industries like transport

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জুন ১৩, ২০২২ ৬:২৩ পূর্বাহ্ণ
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Under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program (PMEGP Scheme), you can now take a loan of up to Rs 50 lakh to start your own industry and business. Lakhs of applications have come for this scheme from many states like UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. Along with this, the loan limit has also been increased in these states for Mukhyamantri Udyami Kranti Yojana or many other schemes. Let us inform that many schemes have been started at this time on the initiative of the Central Government to improve the economy stricken by the Korana epidemic. In recent times, UP, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar have also started many schemes to promote industrialization and entrepreneurship. There are some such schemes in Bihar, in which you will be able to get a loan of up to 10 lakh rupees for setting up an industry without any interest and in this scheme only half of the loan i.e. only five lakh rupees will have to be paid. Get Point

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Let us tell you that in many states of the country, many schemes have been started for the youth to establish their own industry, service or business. Loans are given under these schemes at low interest. For example, in Madhya Pradesh, three percent interest subsidy is being given to the youth for seven years. Under the scheme, a loan of one to 50 lakhs is given to the youth setting up manufacturing units and enterprises, one lakh to 25 lakh rupees for the service sector.

Now you will get loan up to 50 lakh rupees

in UP also in many industries like agro based food industry, paper industry, fiber industry, forest based industry, chemical and polymer based industry, mineral based industry, biotechnology and rural engineering industry and textile industry Including other service industries, now loans up to 50 lakhs have been started. For financial assistance under Udyam Kranti Yojana in Madhya Pradesh, the applicant’s age has been fixed as 18 to 40 years and the educational qualification should be minimum 12th class pass.

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What is the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program Scheme?

Earlier, under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program Scheme, there was a provision to give loans from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. In UP, instead of Rs 10 lakh for service works, a loan of Rs 20 lakh will now be given. The service sector includes transport, poultry farm, dairy and beekeeping. Get Point